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Bitles offers its users access to the Cryp-Spider algo-trading system via their proprietary Savings Plans. After activating any of the savings plan, you will enjoy daily profits ranging from 0.3% to 6% depending on the savings plan you choose.


Their website consist of 5 different sections:
   1     Cryp-Spider AI Proprietary Algo-Trading System
is where you should go for earning. Activate Cryp-Spider trading bot and receive the daily returns 0.3% to 6% in a fully automated mode.

   2     Bitles Academy - A Platform User Training Center
They offer a Free effective 7-day training and a
Tutorial Center that you should absolutely consider visiting!

   3     BTL Token - Internal Token With A Monthly Increase from 10%
Go to and track the BTL price against other crypto in real time.

   4     BitleStore - Branded Clothing And Accessories Store
Here you can buy clothes and accessories of world brands, as well as exclusive products with the Bitles logo.

   5     BitlEX - Instant Crypto Exchange
Instantly exchange Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in your Bitles account.

You can register for Free and still earn.

You can promote and earn without investing a penny!

You can make an investment and earn on the investment itself .

Why Join BITLES? They have a great website with online Tutorials. The Admin are very active and post regularly new on their online blog, on Telegram and Twitter. Plus, the company is brand new so it is worth Joining it!

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